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The future is safe! Rock on Kildare you were brilliant
Cork we are in you 😲... c’mon down rock with us till late
Tonight we hit Cork, it’s free in, expecting a good crowd so in early 👊👊
Capel Street.
We’re playing the Irish Derby Fest, Kildare, 02 July 👍 Giddy up😀
Billboard posters have hit the streets, hope to see y’all at a packed Button Factory, Dublin, 7th July 👊
The party’s started 🤟👍 Bikefest ‘18 👊🤟
Meet Pat .... Pat’s driving us to Killarney to rock Bikefest 18, Pat’s sound, be like Pat (Carolan Transport)  ... lookin good photobomb Chris 😉
KILLARNEY - Bikefest ‘18 - This Saturday 8PM, hopefully suppin’ beer in the sunshine 🍻 it’s gonna be some night of craic 😃👊
Great night Galway. Xx
Galway .... we are in you 😱Come on down for a serious rock show tonight 🤟👊
Dun Laoghaire ..... we are in you 😱
It's gig season, get out and enjoy the shows folks, whoever it be.
Abuse Your Illusion with neither confirm nor deny our intentions to play Russia
Thurles, let’s havin’ be havin’ ya!
It’s with heavy hearts that, this week, we say goodbye to a fellow rocker and friend, Kev Quinn.  Kev was a regular at not just our gigs but almost everybody’s! The lad lived and breathed music and had talent to burn.  He grabbed the mic during Rocket Queen, I think, the last time we played in Fibbers (a regular stomping ground for him).
Next time, we play that one for him. 🤟
Much love to Kev’s family, his many friends and his band mates. x
Cheers Tommy Blake 😀
Big Congratulations to our Top Guns #IRFU Champions. This man has run on to the pitch many a time backed by Welcome to the Jungle *👊*Leinster Rugby have used Welcome to the Jungle as an opener as the team enter the pitch on home games 👊