GNR Slane Competition – Terms & Conditions.

All sorted for Slane? No? Well let us get ye aboard the Nighttrain! We have two tickets to give away.

“…But guys, Slane is so far away and a total pain in the gicker to get to!”

That’s true but being the awesome bunch we are, we are also including return transport from Dublin city centre. But not just any transport! That’s right, (you and yer bestie!) will be joining us on board our luxury party bus limo! So pack your poison because we’re gonna be partying all the way to Slane and back while blaring the GNR tunes.

What do you have to do to get your greasy mits on these tickets, you ask? It’s so easy!

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Terms & Conditions for 2 Slane tickets with 2 seats aboard the Abuse Your Illusion Party Bus limo

*From here on out, “Competition Winners” refers to the competition winner and their guest.

1.   Pickup from (and return to) a Dublin City Centre location only – the same location for all guests of the Limo bus.

2.  Competition winners are expected to be punctual – be at the pickup zones at the agreed time or risk a really long walk!

3.  Entrants MUST be over 18 and be able to attend the concert.

4. Prize is Non-transferable or sellable (Winner may not give the prize to another party or sell it)

5.  There will be only one competition winner – the winner will receive the two tickets and two seats on the limo bus.

6.  Phone numbers will be required from both competition winners in case of emergencies

7.  This is a rented limo bus so all rules from the limo provider must be adhered to – usual stuff, no smoking or eating and while there will be plenty of drinking done on board, ABSOLUTELY no bodily fluid secretion of any kind in any part of the bus other than the toilet!

8.  Competition winners take responsibility for their own personal items they take with them.

9.  Competition Winners will be asked to leave the party if they breach any of the above terms or are just generally rude to any other guests on board the limo bus – this is strictly a no bullshit day, if there is to be drama, it’s to be on the stage at Slane!